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One Small Step

We all know how the quote goes:

"One Small Step for Man
One Giant Leap for Man Kind"

And that is just what KellyMade, LLC. is for this family, a small step towards a bright future.

The goal being to unite all of the madness that rolls around in my ADHD brain, and streamline it in all its glory into shareable opportunities.

Allow me to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Alexa Kelly. I am a wife and mother. I'm a speech pathologist by trade and a creator at heart.

When possible, I am a live wedding painter and face painter, under the heading of Live in Living Watercolor. I specialize in portraiture and watercolor.

With art at the center of my gipsy spirit, I am always looking to craft and create in new ways - however its been brought to my attention that perhaps my painting business is "too specific" in title to encompass all the things. Thus, KellyMade, LLC. was born.

Under this new title, I feel free to express my creativity in any medium my heart can dream. As of now, the KellyMade brand encompasses the apparel line, a jewelry line, and even a photography brand.

To be honest, I cannot wait to see how these ventures grow and develop! Perhaps even new paths will be forged along the way!

Stay Tuned!

Love Ya!

Alexa Kelly

Co-Owner of KellyMade, LLC.

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